Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sweet Victory!

I did it!  I survived the hardest semester thus far and lived to tell the tale!  I am so proud of myself.  I took my last final exam today and I am officially a SENIOR!  Holy cow!  Really?   A year from now I will be graduating.  Whoa!

I wound up with a B+ for my final grade in Pediatrics.  I was one point short of an A-.  For all the blood sweat and tears I put into that class the A- would have been really nice, but I am PROUD of my B+ because that class was brutal.  Nothing has ever made me want to quit anything so badly in all my life.  That class challenged every fiber of my being.  But here I am, telling the tale and triumphing.  I didn't quit, I perservered and I am damn proud of myself for it.

Med/Surg grades should be up this weekend.  I went into the final with a pretty strong A so I am hoping to hold onto that for a final grade.  Final Exam grades must be posted by Monday, so that is the latest I will know how I did.  For now I am basking the glory of my achievement and this semester will go down in history as the most taxing one so far, but also the one that I managed to get a 100 and a 101 in, and for that I  am speechless.  It feels so good to be done.  I'm not sure if I know how to "be" without studying constantly, but I am sure I will find some way to occupy my time.

I'll report back about my Med/Surg grade but for now. . .

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