Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A New Semester Begins!

I have to start by apologizing for not giving my last update of the Fall 2012 semester.  The semester ended on 12/13, on 12/14 there was that horrible school shooting in CT, and I sprang into action to help in some small way.  I wound up organizing an event in a week, it took place on 12/22 and took every ounce of my time that week!  Then Christmas came, and New Years and I got absorbed in my blessed time off!  So, to amend my lack of updating. . .  I wound up with an 'A' in Med/Surg I and a B+ in Pediatrics, and made the Dean's List!  Yes, I am bragging because I am damn proud of myself!  Missed the 'A-' in Peds by 1 lousy point.    But it's in the past, I passed the class and I am moving on.

I had my first Med/Surg lecture this morning.  LOVE the professor, LOVE the class,  HATED the fact that it was FIFTY SHADES OF FREEZING IN THE CLASSROOM!!!  Literally, 50 degrees.  NO heat.  It was awful.  I had a coat, gloves and a blanket (so many of the classrooms are cold that I carry a small fleece blanket with me).  Three hours in 50 degrees does not do a body good!  I have made some phone calls and am hoping that it will be changed soon -- either the heat will be repaired or the classroom will be changed.  Fingers crossed.

So I embark on a new semester.  I am hoping and praying it is not quite as challenging as last semester!  This semester I only have 9 credits; Cont/Prof Nursing is only 3 credits because it does not have clinical hours.  One clinical per week will at least lighten the care plan load!  Seeing as one care plan can equal 8-10 hours of work this is a very good thing!

In the words of Peter Pan, as he set off to Neverland. . .  Here.  We. Gooooooo!

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