Friday, March 9, 2012

Spring Break!

As of about 1900 (7pm) last night I am officially spring breakin' it! YAY!

PowerPoints went really well. Ours went off without a hitch and we got really good feedback. I also really enjoyed listening to the other presentations - all were very informative and well put together. It was a fun night!

Now comes the ever-anticipated, blessed, sacred, etc. etc. Spring Break. The "to-do" lists are lengthy - there are two - one is pleasure the other business (school). I hope to get both done. *fingers crossed*

It's time again for Friday GRATITUDES!
1. GOD. He spent a little extra time and energy on me this week and I am so thankful. I don't know how he has the self control to just not smack me upside my head every now and again.
2. Karen. My partner for my PowerPoint and a great friend. We made a rockin' team for our presentation.
3. Google Blogspot. Without that I wouldn't be here typing. I just redesigned the blog and had such fun doing it. Thanks Google!
4. Garth Brooks. He is serenading me while I work at the computer this morning. I love that man and his music!
5. Spring Break. A much needed break from classes and clinicals. Lots to do but a little more free time to do it in.
6. Comfy clothes. Today is comfy-clothes-don't-leave-the-house day. I love days like this.
7. Naps. I am going to take a nap today and it is going to be delightful.
8. My husband. He is amazing. This week when I was losing my mind he just kept quiet and didn't verbalize how crazy he thought I was being (I still knew but at least he didn't say it outloud!)
9. Rachel, our babysitter. She puts up with my kids and always makes sure they are taken care of so that I don't have to worry about anything.
10. Angels. I have so many angels looking down and watching over me. It's overwhelming. Although I miss their presence here on earth, I feel their gentle touch every day and it's such a comfort.

Bright blessing to everyone until after Spring Break. Don't miss me too much next week. :)

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