Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break is behind me.

Spring break was full of sickness for the whole family, studying, papers, research and no fun. Boo! It would have been so much nicer if it was filled with beaches, waves, hot cabana boys and margaritas. But my new favorite saying is "Do not look at the past, you are not going there." So here we are marching forward.

Yesterday was my second Psych exam. Yes, the week after Spring break, Monday morning, we had an exam. So kind, right? I thought I did well but in the end wound up with an 82. I am really not enjoying this class. On the bright side I had my midterm clinical evaluation today and he told me I have demonstrated exemplary performance. Too bad clinical is pass/fail and counts for a whopping 0% toward our grade. What good is it if you have exemplary performance and clearly demonstrate that you own the skills, but are not a good test taker (which I am not). Grrr.

Today was Psych clinical. It was boring. We went to an InService at 7:30, right as the day started. It was a presentation on Schizophrenia given my Pharm-D students (Doctorate of Pharmacy). It was interesting but cut into the morning and trashed the transition into the day. I didn't get to do vitals so I didn't get to meet all the patients, then by the time we returned to the unit they were at breakfast. I had to meet with the prof for my midterm eval at 9:00 so I missed the community meeting (again a good "get to know the kids" time) and then by the time I got back they were off to "school" until lunch. It stunk. It felt like a really wasted day.

Once Psych is over I go into a much more relaxed mode. Maternity is so enjoyable, I don't stress about it and I feel like I glide through the rest of the week. Next week is Maternity Exam II on Wednesday, so maybe I will be a bit more stressed then. This week we have our postpartum simulation (newborn assessment and postpartum assessment for mom) and the following week we hit the postpartum floor. I am looking forward to that. I want to see if I enjoy postpartum as much as I enjoyed labor and delivery.

So that is that. I am back for the remainder of the semester. The rest of this week, plus four more, then ATI, then finals. Then SUMMER! I can almost see the finish line for Spring 2012. . .

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