Wednesday, March 7, 2012

OK God, I am listening. . .

So when I started this blog it was my intention to have a written journal of my journey through nursing school. While, that is still the case, I look back at it often and I realize that although this is my journey, there is someone constantly by my side. Every second of every day, every experience, every thought, every step -- God is there. He is walking beside me - and I can't help but think that sometimes he just shakes his head at me and smiles. He knows the plans, and I think sometimes He chuckles as I desperately try to swim against the current. I know that one of the greatest gifts He has given us is free will - but I often remember the words of the Garth Brook song "Sometimes I thank God for unanswered prayers." He knows what we need, even more than we know what we need and His gentle touch always manages to get us where we need to go.

Last week I was upset with one of my professors because he changed my unit assignment at the Psych hospital half way through my rotation. I was supposed to remain on the Acute Adult unit for two more weeks, then transition to the Adolescent unit. To make a long story short, after intense arguing (mostly via email) the unit change remained and I was shipped off (somewhat begrudgingly) to Adolescence. Now, I am a big girl, I am not one to let any opportunity go to waste, especially those that pertain to my nursing education - so I transitioned to the new unit without pouting, stomping my feet or growling (yes, sometimes when I am very angry I have been known to growl a bit). It turned out to be a great day, and although the usual bumps of transitioning to a new unit were present, overall it was a very fulfilling experience. I was drawn immediately to a patient and ironically, one of our conversations included a discussion of "things that were meant to be". As I sat there talking with this patient, I couldn't help but feel God's presence - He was standing right there - smiling. That patient needed me there yesterday and God made sure I kept the appointment. As smart as I think I am and as much as I think I know exactly what I want - He knows better. He knows where I need to be and I respect his restraint when I am too busy or ignorant to realize that. I never cease to be amazed at His presence in my life and His ability to be so patient. To sum it up, it was a good week at the hospital and the turmoils of the past need to be set aside so that I may move into the future unhindered.

Tomorrow is my big Maternity PowerPoint presentation. I am working with a partner (Karen) and we are very proud of ourselves that as two "middle aged" women we were able to put together a pretty darn good power point presentation. Our topic is Postpartum Depression and I have to admit, I think we did a stellar job on this project! I am looking forward to presenting it tomorrow night and also to being a good audience for my clinical classmates as they make their presentations. Too bad it is only worth 5% of our grade - cause I think we're gonna rock it! Once that is over it is onto SPRING BREAK!!!! Don't expect to hear from me next week. Friday I'll report on how the presentations went and will be sure to include my GRATITUDES before riding off into the sunset of SPRING BREAK!

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