Friday, March 2, 2012

Official Half Way Point

Officially half way through the semester. How did that happen?

It's been a wierd week. Lots of strange challenges to my intellect and my integrity. Nothing is every simple is it?

It started Monday in Psych lecture when we were all informed that our tests had been scanned incorrectly by the Scanning Dept. and that the grades we had been given were incorrect. Everyone's grade dropped about 8 points - including mine. So I thought I had a 92 and wound up with an 84. Grrr. Additionally, during the exam review several questions were argued regarding the rationale behind the right answer and the professor got visibly agitated and started acting very bizarre - he was short with us and very defensive despite the fact that the class was composed and nothing but respectful to him - intelligently and calmly arguing our points. So that was that.

Tuesday's clinical was very interesting. I was on a new unit, the unit with the most "acute" patients - meaning the patients with the most intense problems. It was quite interesting to speak with them. Several of them are "hypomanic" which means they are very happy and easy going despite their severe psychosis and delusions. I really enjoyed the patients and had a great day.

Wednesday was my first Maternity exam which I thought was a very fair exam. I wound up with an 89, something in the 90s would have been better but I have to be happy with the 89. She threw in a lot of World Health Organization type statistics which I wasn't prepared for and that is where I lost most of my points. I did not focus on those statistics as I don't really think they directly apply to patient care. Anywho, I survived it and now I move on.

Yesterday's Maternity Clinical was enjoyable, as usual. I didn't get to see a birth but I got to work with a very interesting patient who potentially had a condition called Malignant Hyperthermia which is a reaction to general anesthesia. My professor made me look it up and teach the rest of the clinical group about it so that was a great learning experience. My patient also had gestational thrombocytopenia (low platelet count due to pregnancy which put her at a higher risk for bleeding - platelets help blood to clot. She was being induced because she was a week overdue. Her progress was slow but it was a great experience for me to see. When she got her epidural the baby got a bit "finicky" and for a moment I thought we were going to the OR for an emergency C-section but he (the baby) rallied and things were OK. I did get to place a foley catheter (indwelling urinary catheter) which was cool. Overall it was a great night, but I was sad because it was our last night in labor and delivery - now we go to postpartum for the rest of the semester. I am anxious to see what I think about that.

Good news is that once I complete this course (Maternal Child Health) I can apply for a student nursing job (paid position) at a hospital. I may look into that and see if I can work 1-2 days a week during the summer. We shall see. It would be great experience for me and a good resume asset!

I am in the midst of doing battle with my Psych professor (a long story which I will spare you) because I think he is being very unreasonable about something and also playing favorites which I am NOT a fan of. I will keep you posted when it all unwinds and let you know if I win the battle! It is very tricky to argue with a someone who has a psych background, as they know how to "play" all of the games. I think I am holding my own thus far and keeping up just fine.

Friday again - time GRATITUDES. I wish I had had time to write earlier this week but with my exam Wednesday I just couldn't swing it.

1. Excedrin - this week was filled with potential migraines and I am so thankful for Excedrin and that it works to get rid of them before they defeat me.
2. B-Energy LifeWater - better than coffee at energizing me!
3. Patients. Not Patience. The patients that allow me to be part of their experiences are so valuable - without them I could not learn to be a great nurse!
4. Prof. DiBlasi - my maternity clinical professor. Amazing lady! She genuinely care about us having the best learning experience possible!
5. Jobie. His cuteness gets me through some tight spots!
6. My family. Their support and understanding never ceases to amaze me.
7. Microsoft Office - have two papers and a power point presentation due in the next three weeks gives me a great appreciation for this technology!
8. God. He never ceases to amaze me with His presence in my life. Whenever I turn to Him He always manages to come through for me.
9. 1/2 a semester down - I am 6 weeks away from a fun filled spring and summer!
10. This blog. It is my catharsis. Even if no one ever reads it - it is my therapy!

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