Friday, December 16, 2011

Fall Semester 2011 is DONE!

What a bittersweet end. I really loved this semester (having the most amazing professor was a huge help!) and hated to see it end, but I am more than ready for a break! Not sure what I will do without nursing assessments and diagnoses constantly running through my brain, but I am sure I will find something. The handmade gift list for Christmas has already grown to astronomical proportions, so that should be keeping me busy!

I took my last final exam today -- scored a 92 for those interested parties, and wound up with a 91 (A-) for the course. A 95 (A) in my other course which I already knew about last week and may have already posted previously. I am so happy with that!

Next semester holds Maternity and Adult Mental Health clinicals. So looking forward to Maternity, but not really sure what to think about Mental Health. It is sure to be another busy semester but with the amazing support system that surrounds me I am ready for the challenge.

I praise God for his blessings and for this opportunity to be back in school. The people I have met this semester have forever changed my life and have helped shape the nurse I am going to be. I am one lucky woman.

Until next semester (which begins Jan. 23) Peace out!

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