Thursday, December 8, 2011

Passed my first ATI!!!

I have been a delinquent blogger and I apologize. Things have just been so crazy around here I haven't had time to sit and write. I'm so sorry!

Clinicals ended. What an amazing experience but it was so hard to say goodbye! Ethics says we cannot go back and visit or have contact with the patients we treated. It was so hard to just walk away knowing that these people changed my life (and hopefully I changed theirs) and we will never see each other again. Some of the residents cried. It was tough. I had to say quick goodbyes and then run out of there so I wouldn't break down as well. Overall it was an amazing experience with an amazing professor and peers. I am so blessed. The people I met and patients I treated have forever changed me and given me pieces of what I need to be a good nurse.

I took my first ATI today (1 of 6). These are national tests that are graded by percentile rank to standardize performance among nurses in the US. I scored in the 83rd percentile nationally (we needed to be 50th percentile or better to pass) and 85th percentile in the program. I was so happy to have passed. I would have had one more opportunity to take the exam in January if I didn't pass but after that it would mean repeating the course if I did not pass. I am so thankful to have passed!!!! Now I have one more final left a week from tomorrow and I am done until January 23rd when I start maternity and adult mental health. The semester FLEW by. WOW!

I am one happy Mama tonight. I finished Fundamentals with an A and have my exam in Health Assessment in a week. Life is good!!!!!!

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