Monday, January 23, 2012

A new semester begins

5 weeks never went by so fast! I must admit it was delightful to have a clean house, an organized life and time to spend with my children, but now it all comes to an end and the semester begins once more.

I really wasn't looking forward to anything about today. 11:00 am Adult Mental Health lecture. First of all, arriving on campus at 11:00 am the first day of the semester is a nightmare. There is no place to park and with the snow, the snow banks take up some of the parking spaces which further complicates the situation. I decided to get on campus for 10:00 -- I had to pick something up on campus before class and figured that would be plenty of time. Well. . . it took me 20 minute to find a parking spot! Grrr. I still made it to class on time, with time to spare actually, but it was just such a hassle. Getting there at 7:00 am is so much better -- I can park where ever I want.

I have to admit I am absolutely terrifed about this class. I do not like people who are not mentally "right" (although I am probably not mentally "right" either! HA!). I don't want to work with people who know how to manipulate. It scares me to my core. Additionally, I found out today that the population we will be working with is mostly adolescent. Oh great -- the age group that I find most difficult to relate to -- this doubles my despair. I'm trying so hard not to be judgemental and negative about this experience but I am finding that so hard! The lecture today was interesting -- on paper everything is interesting -- it's the doing part that scares me. He told us to get used to hearing "colorful" language, as we will be hearing a lot of it. Oh goody. We have to dress "appropriately". So far the only information I have about dressing "appropriately" is no jeans, no yoga pants, no capris, no sandals or open shoes, no t-shirts, no low cut shirts, no tight sweaters, no lab coat, no boots, no scarves, no earrings and nothing that shows cleavage or butt crack -- what does that leave me to wear? Oh, and we shouldn't wear anything that we would be upset about it getting ruined. Geez. I have no such clothing, maybe I should just stay home. Normally I would look upon this as an opportunity to go shopping, but instead I am trying to figure out how to use it as an excuse to not attend!!!!

Tomorrow morning we have an orientation on campus about our clinical -- we will not go to the hospital until next week and even then will probably not have contact with inpatients until we are better "trained". For now I am just trying to figure out how to make the best of a situation that I really don't want to be in! Wow, this whole thing sounds overwhelmingly negative. I need a serious attitude adjustment ASAP!

Bottom line is that the professor seems nice, has a great sense of humor and kept lecture entertaining for the 2 hours and 50 minutes I was there. He is also my clinical instructor so I will be working closely with him over the next 13 weeks. Oh and all of the patients we will be taking care of are either suicidal, homicidal or unable to care for themselves. Doesn't that just sound peachy? Why would anyone want to do this for a living?

On a more positive note, I am SO EXCITED about maternity later in the week. Lecture is Wednesday morning and clinical is Thursday 2nd shift. I can't wait!

Perhaps there will be more tomorrow after my first mental health orientation day, and perhaps my attitude will adjust itself between now and then. . . Perhaps. . .

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