Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Still terrified. . .

Yup. Still terrified of Adult Mental Health. In fact, maybe now I am even more terrified then I was yesterday. We had "orientation" today on campus with our professor. This took place in the Cafeteria, where it was noisy and my soft spoken professor was barely audible. Us old folk are a little hard of hearing! I think I heard most of what he said.

One thing that really bothers me about him is that he really doesn't seem to care about us as individuals. Last semester my clinical professor had us all say a little bit about ourself to the group so that we had an idea of where the others came from and what type of life they lead. This guy really doesn't seem to care about any of that. I just don't feel like he's going to help us bond at all. I know I was spoiled last semester with a kick ass clinical group and the most amazing professor on the face of the planet...but it would just be nice to have him facilitate us getting to know one another. Oh well.

The meeting today was fairly non-productive. Like I said we were in the cafeteria and about an hour into the "orientation" the staff decided to vacuum, FOR 90 MINUTES STRAIGHT. The soft spoken professor continued to speak in barely a whisper despite the background noise. I strained to hear him for 90 min -- trying to read his lips. At one point he actually held the papers he had in his hands up to his face so as to cover his mouth. Was this intentional? I truly believe he was *insert colorful word* messing with us. It was very annoying. He said the same thing 40 different ways for 4 hours. It was delightful, really. NOT!

All of his talk about the patients who hear voices and who cut themselves and who sneak toilet paper into the lock on the bathroom door so you think it is locked but it really isn't... oh it all just filled me more anxiety about working with the mentally ill. By the way, 70% of suicides in mental hospitals take place in the bathroom -- just in case you were wondering. I am trying so hard to be positive about this experience, I've been praying and trying to see "the bright side". I'll ask for your prayers too -- that I may "see the light" and make the most of this clinical experience.

On the flip side, I am SO EXCITED for Maternity lecture tomorrow and clinical on Thursday. BABIES BABIES BABIES!!!! Thank goodness I have something good to work with this semester! You'll hear all about it soon enough! :)

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