Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Yay Maternity!

Today was awesome!!!! Maternal and Newborn Nursing! I could have stayed in that lecture all day. The professor is a midwife who actually took care of me during my pregnancy with Aiden and also checked in on me the morning after he was born. She was so great! I will never forget the time she spent with us and how much better she made me feel!!!! I am so lucky to have her for a teacher and I cannot wait for the rest of the semester of Maternity!!!! She is so excited and passionate about the material too, I couldn't help but get excited with her! What a completely and totally different feeling from Psych. Let me explain. . .

It's cold outside (below zero) and you need to bundle up to stay warm so you can, let's say, walk your dog. You open the closet and are presented with two choices for clothing. One is a thick hand-knit itchy wool sweater and thick itchy wool pants along with some itchy wool socks - the other is sherpa fleece lined pants, a soft cozy fleece pullover with a hood and some nice soft fleece socks. Which one would you choose? Of course, most of us would choose the fleece because it is soft and cozy and comfortable but will certainly do the job of keeping us warm. The wool will keep us warm as well except we will be itchy and uncomfortable the entire time. This is my analogy for this semester. Psych is going to teach me stuff, it's going to make me a better nurse but it is going to be itchy (scary) and uncomfortable like the wool apparel. It's going to do the job but it's going to be unpleasant the whole time. Maternity is like the cozy fleece stuff, it's going to do the job of teaching me how to be a better nurse and it's going to be pleasant and nice and make me feel good. Sitting in that lecture this morning was like being "home". I was comfortable and it was where I was meant to be. I cannot wait to get into the hospital tomorrow - I don't know if we will have any patient contact this week or not but I am so excited to just be there!!!

What an entirely different experience it is so be involved with something that you have passion for! I left lecture today feeling energized and alive rather than terrified and full of dread. I will consider it a blessing that I have something I love to balance out the something that I dread. I am sure that Psych will help me grow tremendously as a nurse but it's probably going to be painful. Try as I might to drop the negative attitude, I just can't manage to do it. I will keep praying about it and hope for the best.

For now, I cannot wait for clinical tomorrow!!!!!

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