Friday, January 28, 2011

Week One Complete!

I have successfully finished week one of nursing school. I had my second class today, Professional Nursing I, and met the professor. Her name is Lynn Blanchette and she seems like a very knowledgeable and kind woman. Being that I have to spend 3 hours with her every Friday afternoon I am glad that I like her! We spent a lot of time today getting to know each other. She wants to know us all and promised to do her best to learn our names (in the meantime she had us all craft a "name tag" with a crayon and a piece of paper, and hang it on the front of our desk) which I really like. You would be a amazed at how many professors don't even care to learn their students names.

I used my iPad for the first time today to annotate the power point presentation. It went well! I am a little leery of embarking on such a technologically advanced path but it seemed to work fine. I had many questions about the iPad from classmates and I was surprised to be the only one in the class who had one! I found out that one of my textbooks is available for digital download with free updates for 2 years so this may be my opportunity to see if having a text on the iPad will work out for me. One of the nice things about downloadable texts is that they are "searchable" - meaning you can type a topic in a search box and it will take you right to that topic. I have already bought the book so I will have to see if it is worth the cost of sending it back and then paying to download the digital version.

So, I give the first week a big thumbs up! Only 13 more weeks to go! I think I will stick with it (hee hee, like you ever thought I wouldn't!) and look forward to the challenges that lie ahead.

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