Monday, January 24, 2011

Nursing 220

I survived my first day of Nursing School! The professor I met today is Mary Foote, she is very English so as you read this please use your best British accent. My first impression is that I like her. She definitely expects her students to take responsibility for themselves and those that don't like her probably don't want to do that! I am a big girl and have been taking responsibility for myself for quite some time now so I think I will be fine.

In class today she handed out a piece of paper to each student and asked us to follow the directions. The first thing said "Read all directions carefully before doing anything." The 16th thing said that after reading the first thing to only do the 2nd thing which was to right your name, last name first, on the line next to the word "Name" and to disregard all other instructions. Numbers 3 - 15 were all sorts of ridiculous time consuming things like finding certain words and circling them, drawing strange things in various areas on the paper, blah blah blah. The funniest one was "Write the words "I can follow directions" in large all capital letters at the top of the page! The poor girl to my right was feverishly following all of the directions, drawing all of the strange things, circling words, etc. After a few minutes, the professor walked around the room collecting the papers while several students diligently tried to complete each of the 13 unnecessary tasks before the she could grab their paper. It was rather amusing actually. Being the dork that I am, I had simply written my name, last name first, on the top of the page where I was instructed to. The poor girl to my right kept glancing over at me wondering how I was finished so quickly. Turns out a large percentage of the class had done this exercise incorrectly. This is slightly disturbing to me, as they are all Nursing School students, as I am. Hopefully this was a lesson learned for them!

Today was a mostly an introduction to the program. The real fun begins Wednesday when we begin discussing Nutrition. I already have 2 full and 2 partial chapters to read in preparation. Let the fun begin!!!!!

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  1. YAY for making it through your first day, Michele! Your British instructor reminds me of our first night nurse in the hospital after we had Sylvie - I swear she was an angel from heaven, and I'll always remember her calm voice and lovely accent.

    Did you know Peter's mother works in quality & risk management in Portsmouth Hospital (she was previously a nurse on nearly every floor)? She would probably not be surprised by the results of your instructor's "test" - she's constantly sharing the challenges she faces in bringing consistency and quality to their procedures. You should definitely ask her about it next time we're all together, it's fascinating stuff!