Sunday, January 30, 2011

To study or not to study, that is the question!

I have done ZERO school work this weekend. This has me very concerned -- I am not supposed to have any free time! I think I just don't know how to get started. My professors have given me Chapter Outcomes (for those of you who aren't in the know, the "outcome" is the new "objective") We no longer speak of learning objectives, but of learning outcomes. I have no choice but to accept this new terminology.

So here I sit with my "learning outcomes" and I am not really sure how to begin to work through them. My professors did not cover the material they intended to this week due to introductions and getting to know you activities -- so. . . do I keep reading or do I wait for them to cover what I have already read? When I get to this point of uncertainty, I wind up doing nothing, fearing that whatever I choose to move forward on will be the wrong thing. So, instead, I sit writing this blog. As I mentioned from the beginning, the purpose of this blog is mostly selfish and I have found a new reason -- it is another procrastination tool! The problem is I don't need anymore procrastination tools!

My other dilemma is Apple to PC related. I have the iPad (which worked wonderfully in lecture on Friday) which has an app called "Pages", a word processing app. I want to use that to type school related stuff so I can work on it at home or at school. The dilemma lies in whether or not I can then convert it to be PC compatible for printing purposes. Why do I stress myself out with these ridiculous things? Just get working Michele and find some tech-y to help you with the details later! Thankfully, Andy is somewhat of a tech-y and I should trust him when he tells me there is a way to get it done and he will make sure it happens! Does technology really makes our lives easier? Sometimes I think I would be better off with paper and a pencil! (My apologies to the trees! :o) ).

I guess I am off to tackle some "chapter outcomes" using my critical thinking skills. . . Do I even have critical thinking skills?

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