Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Major Semester End Summary - with EXCITING news!

Wow!  The last few weeks of the semester forced me to keep my nose the grindstone just about every single second.  Now, here I sit, the night before my final final exam of the semester -- I am looking for a reason to not study anymore because I think my brain has hit maximum capacity at this point!

So many exciting things to report!  Where do I start?

The last 3 weeks have been brutal.  2 presentations and 6 exams in 3 weeks.  I have barely had time to breathe!

Med/Surg clinical ended.  My last rotation was April 11, then the following week we met at the hospital to present our case study papers (we met at the hospital so that the nurses we worked with could listen to our presentations, although only 2 nurses came in, neither of them were nurses I had worked with).  That went well.  Then the following week we did an interdisciplinary simulation at the college with paid actors that posed as family members.  We participated in the simulation with social work students and Nurse Practitioner students -- it was actually really great. I enjoyed it a lot.  It was nice to have that collaboration and communication with other team members.  Unfortunately, one of our "patients" died, but he was supposed to - the determined, through previous feedback, that students wanted to the opportunity to deal with a death (even if it wasn't real) in a simulation experience before it happens for real.  We were pretty much expecting him to die before we started but having the actor there acting as a grieving loved one made it very difficult.  It felt very real to have someone weeping at the patient's bedside.  It was sad.

I was also inducted into the Nursing Student Honor Society (Sigma Theta Tau) on April 27.  That was quite an honor.  It was a nice little induction ceremony at Salve Regina which is a gorgeous campus. My family and I  had a nice dinner with a classmate and her family afterward.  It was a nice day!

Then there was ATI on April 30th and May 1.  Those dreaded three little letters.  Thankfully I passed them both, although  my percentile scores were the lowest I have had to date.  That was disappointing, but I was just glad they were over!!!!  It's amazing how much stress those tests can produce!  Even better news is that they were the last 2 pass/fail ATIs that I have to take.  Now there is just HESI (test to graduate nursing school) and the NCLEX (my boards!)  Crazy crazy stuff!  I am just about a second semester senior!

I took one final exam on Monday (Leadership), the grade is still pending and I have my last final exam tomorrow (Med/Surg).  Then I have some freedom from studying for a while.

I saved the best news for last. . . ;)  I have to tell the whole story. . .

Just to backtrack a teeny bit, remember how I didn't get maternity for my transitions clinical -- and although I was sad I realized that God had other plans for me and I was OK with it all realizing that the critical care/emergency clinical that I did get would give me invaluable experience that I would always have with me, and additionally it will give me the opportunity to work in a hospital I have not been in yet.  These are all good things.  So just keep this in mind as I tell my story.  And I must add my favorite saying. . .

A friend of mine is a CNA at a local hospital (just happens to be the one I have had my eye on for a job when I graduate) and she told me last week that they had posted summer positions for Nursing Student Associates (this is between a CNA and an RN, it is like a preceptorship, sort of).  So I got home that day and looked on the website -- there were 3 positions -- one on a Telemetry Floor (heart patients on monitors) and two in the Emergency Department.  So I quickly set the ball rolling to put a quick resume together so I could apply for one of those positions.  Well putting a resume together when you have been out of the workforce for 10+ years is easier said than done!  With a lot of help from my awesome hubby we made it happen (or shall I say he mostly made it happen ;) ).  But it took a few days so I didn't get a chance to get back to the website to fill out the online application until Friday.  Well lo and behold on Friday the 3 positions were gone.  BUT and this is a big BUT. . . in their place was posted a summer experience Nursing Student Associate position in the Women and Newborn Care Center.  YES!!!!!  I did a very big happy dance!  It was like God was just sitting and waiting for the right moment to post that position so that I would see it right away!  So I filled out the online application, submitted my resume, got my ducks in a row for some instructor recommendation letters and away it all went!  Now I am just sitting and waiting to hear something!  I have been stalking my email for a response like a mad woman!  I am hoping to hear very soon!  This is so beyond exciting for me!  I also heard from a friend, who was a doctor at this same hospital, that most of the time the NSAs get hired full time when they graduate.  This could be awesome!  I am currently asking for every prayer and positive vibe available from friends and family so that this works out!!!!  I will certainly keep everyone posted.  If I do get the position I will continue my blog through the summer with updates on what  happens with it!

So on that VERY high note, I think that is all I have to report.  One more exam tomorrow and by the end of the week.  My take on this whole thing (although a bit premature) is that God had the plans made from the beginning (if I haven't learned that yet than someone should smack me) and He gave me that critical care/emergency clinical so that I could get valuable med/surg experience but then he threw this NSA job at me so I could GET PAID to do what I LOVE!  I'm not sure I can ever thank Him enough.  Crossing my fingers and toes that it all works out!!!!!!

That's that.  Nothing more to add.  Tomorrow by 9 am I will be FREEEEEEE!!!  My exam is at 7:30 and shouldn't take more than 1.5 hours!  It's gonna feel so good to take a break from studying!!!!1

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