Saturday, October 20, 2012

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming. . .

I have passed the half way point of the semester.  54 days left until I am free of Pediatric Nursing that is all consuming in my life!  I have a Med/Surg quiz on Monday (cardiac stuff) and it all just seems so straight forward - like the stuff I have been learning all along fits right in and it all "clicks".  Before the semester started I kept thinking "Oooh, med/surg sounds all important and hard and crazy and scary" but it totally isn't.  I just get it!  Pediatrics is a whole different story!

I had my last pediatric rotation at the hospital this week.  It was sort of sad.  We only get three days on the floor there and I wish it was longer, but it's the only children's hospital nearby so every school and every clinical want to get there - this is the only way they can make it work.  *Pout*  Next week I head to a pediatrician's office for two weeks to see the clinic side of things.  My professor says it will be what I make it - what I put in is what I will get out - so I plan on putting in 110%!  I also had my pediatrics midterm evaluation this week.  She said I would make a great pediatric nurse (if I so choose) or a great any kind of nurse!  It's always nice to hear positive feedback.  It's weird but I look for constructive criticism as well, just to see what I can improve upon, but she didn't have any.  I won't complain :)  I handed in my last care plan which is the best part -- those things take about 7 hours to complete and write up -- that I will not miss!!!!

We had cardiac simulation for Med/Surg this week.  We took care a "patient" (SimMan) who had acute coronary syndrome.  "Patient's with acute coronary syndrome go to the hospital to meet MONA."  That is how we are supposed to remember what to do - M is for Morphine, O is for Oxygen, N is for Nitroglyceride and A is for Aspirin.  Except you don't give them in that order -- they are given OANM instead.  I guess meeting OANM is not as exciting as meeting MONA!  LOL!  Anyway, that went really well and the Sim Lab coordinator actually said we did so well that she wanted to use our video to show other students!!!!  This was the 18th time this week that she ran the sim as well!  Best out of 18 isn't bad!  :)

I also had my midterm eval for  Med/Surg clinical.  It was just as positive as the pedi eval but a little more "clinical" and a lot less personal.  That's OK.  Different professors handle things differently!  I am thankful to have a positive review!

Things are definitely getting more tolerable.  I have accepted the fact that I have no life outside of nursing school.  I have come to terms with studying all the time, but man am I looking forward to a few weeks off come December 14th!    For now. . .

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