Friday, October 12, 2012

How Michele got her groove back. . .

I guess I have unofficially gotten my groove back.  The hard work is beginning to pay off this semester which is nothing but pure bliss for me!  I know I can do this now, I just need to make it happen, even if it means losing a little (or a lot) of sleep.  ;)

Monday was Columbus Day so we had no classes.  Tuesday was just Pedi lecture (because of all the Monday holidays both RIC and the School of Nursing shuffle things around to make sure all the classes have equal opportunity to meet during the semester) and there was an exam (this means no pedi clinical this week).  I studied for the exam like it was my job and went it and took it.  I left feeling defeated, like I hadn't done very well.  I must say there were a ton of typos in the content which I thought was very unfair.  If I can spend countless hours reading hundreds of pages in my text book, then I think my professor should take 20 min to proofread her exam.  It's only fair.  And I am not just talking small typos, I am talking about grammatical errors, gross spelling errors (gross as in extreme not as in disgusting), and flat out negligence.  It really annoyed me because I think that is very unprofessional.  So I had no idea when grades would be posted, but finally on Thursday morning there they were.  I cautiously checked my email afraid of what I might find, only to find that I got a 95%!  What?  Did she mess up my grade when she entered it??  Apparently I am not a very good judge of success or failure.  My wonderful hubby says I don't give myself enough credit.  I just remain flabbergasted that I got a 95%!   So this week I got two exam results, one 100 and one 95.  Not too shabby for an overwhelmed totally strung out mama of two with a filthy house and bags under my eyes.  Ha ha!  I did it.  The hard work is finally paying off -- let's just try to keep it rollin' for the rest of the semester.

I am down to 62 days -- when I started the countdown clock on the blog I was at 93 days.  Wow!  The first two weeks of October have flown by and I have my momentum now.  I just have to make sure I keep it up!

I haven't cried in over two weeks.  This is a very good thing.  Crying had become an almost daily occurrence, I was just feeling so overwhelmed that I didn't know what to do sometimes!  Next week is looking daunting -- 2 case studies (these scary one attempt, timed, assessments that are done on the computer; each pertaining to a specific disorder or disease), my last pedi care plan (praise God!), prep for Cardiac Sim at the lab at school, and then all the reading for Pedi and Med/Surg.  Good times.  Not sure how I am going to make that all happen but I will and it will be fine.

Today was an awesome day at the hospital.  I had another great patient and an amazing nurse to help me out with everything.  I left there feeling high as a kite.  The nurse I was working with took the time to tell my professor how well organized I was and how I was really doing a great job!  That is soooo nice to hear!  Especially to have a very busy nurse take time out of her day to tell my professor that I did a good job!  I love taking care of patients.  It is so apparent that this is what I want to do!  All of this struggling through nursing school is going to reap such a sweet reward.  I can almost taste it.

Onto a new week.  Hopefully I can get a little school work done this weekend, in and amidst the hayride, corn maze and "Jack-o-Lantern Spectacular".  A little fall fun and some memories made.  Then back to the grind of nursing school.

And time marches on. . .

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