Sunday, May 20, 2012

And so ends another chapter. . .

Well, grades are in and the weather is looking like summer is on the horizon.  It is time to relax, rejuvenate my spirit and my brain and gear up for the fall semester - which looks daunting!

I finished the semester with an A in Maternity.  YAY!  Loved loved loved that class and was so so sad that it ended.

Psych was a different story.  I am over it.  I won't say anything nasty.  I finished with a B my lowest grade to date since going back to school.  I am bitter but I will not dwell.  It is over.  I never have to take it again and that is all that matters.  I am armed with what I need to do care for a mentally ill patient and that is all that matters.  In the words of Forest Gump "That is all I have to say about that."

Let the summer begin!  I will resume my blog in Fall Semester 2012 unless something nursing related happens before then.  Enjoy the sand, sun, surf, fun and relaxation that summer has to offer! 

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