Thursday, April 12, 2012

Please remind me. . .

I am writing this post to remind myself what it was like to be a nursing student, just in case I forget someday. Tonight was a very valuable lesson in WHAT NOT TO DO!!!! I love my Maternity Clinical but the people I dealt with tonight were a test to my integrity! First of all, the nurses on the postpartum floor were absolutely unpleasant tonight. Several of them (not all) were rude, cranky and just plain miserable. I don't know why people would choose to be a nurse if they are don't like to be around PEOPLE!!! It is very difficult to be happy when you are surrounded by misery. Some of the nurses were rude right to my face, while others just avoided eye contact altogether. It was quite discouraging to be in such company. Additionally, my patient wasn't all that happy. Personally, I think she is a huge risk for postpartum depression, but the nurses on the floor just told me "that's her personality". I can only do so much as a nursing student so I was forced to take their word for it. Honestly, after doing a 45 minute long power point presentation on postpartum depression I know the warning signs and red flags and this woman had them waving all over the place. I can only pray that she does well and that she gets the support that she needs. She had misunderstood the meaning behind having a student nurse and actually went so far as to tell me that she didn't realize what having a student nurse entailed and that she would appreciate it if I LEFT HER ALONE! Well, alrighty then. I did her assessment and the assessment on her twins and went on my merry way. It was pretty clear she did not want my company any more! It is certainly her right to decide that, but it was hard for me to swallow -- I like to view myself as ever helpful and pleasant -- apparently she had another opinion! Needless to say, it left me with a lot of time on my hands for the rest of the shift.

It is experiences like these that make me do a quick self evaluation. I always try to have patience and show kindness to others - no matter how bad my day is going. It is not their fault if I am having a bad day. Everyone deserves respect and kindness. On the flipside, everyone is entitled to a bad day. Too bad for me that almost everyone I dealt with tonight was having a bad day -- ALL AT ONCE! Geez!

So this is my reminder of what it was like to be a poor, humble, knowledge-seeking nursing student who is just looking for an experienced nurse to take me under her wing. I am making a promise to myself that when I am a nurse I will always take the time to nurture student nurses, knowing that I once stood in their shoes. I promise to always be kind and patient, even if I am having a bad day because I have no way of knowing who is having a worse day than me. if only the rest of the world could think the same way. . .

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