Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Guilty as charged. . .

Yes, I am guilty as charged for not updating this blog in too many weeks. School has been crazy, home has been crazier and all that craziness made it impossible for me to sit at this computer to write!

Great news! Today was my last psych clinical!!!! Whoopeee!!! Next week I am shadowing a psychologist at a hospital in Massachusetts (she does psych consults for the inpatients) and the following week is some sort of simulation at the college. I walked out the doors of the hospital today and swore that the only way I was going back in was if I had an ID band on my wrist! (For those of you who aren't "in the know", that means I'd have to be a patient to enter those doors again!). I would be lying if I said I got nothing out of my time there, but I also felt that many hours were wasted. There has to be a more efficient way to teach us therapeutic nurse/client communication. And that's all I have to say about that!

Maternity has been great, as usual. We moved to the postpartum floor, which isn't nearly as busy or exciting as labor and delivery - there is way more sitting around which I don't like. Last week I got to help out in the nursery which was great fun! 6 hours of babies? Yes please! I really enjoyed that! Even if the babies were there because they were withdrawing :(. There was a surrogate delivery (mom was a surrogate) so that was a brandy new baby. Also a poor baby with a brachiocephalic injury from a birth trauma (nerve damage to the shoulder from being squished during birth). Poor little thing had to come back for hyperbilirubinemia (high liver enzymes which causes jaudice [yellow skin]). It was a really great experience for me and I LOVED being with the babies!!!!!

The next few weeks are going to be hellish. Sort of like the last 2 miles of an ultramarathon (although I have never run an ultramarathon, I imagine the last two miles to be hellish!). The good news is I feel like I can see the finish line. I just need to muster up the energy and will to keep going and hope I am not one of those runners whose knees buckle 500 yards from the end. I will crawl across that finish line if I have to, then I will bask in the glory of a relaxing fun summer with my kids! I miss my kids! I am either too busy or too tired to really do much with them lately. It's kinda sad.

Truth be told, I am totally procrastinating right now. I really should be writing a "scholarly" paper for Mental Health Nursing (Mental for short), but I have writers block. My oldest kiddo is in a production of Aladdin Jr. at her school which is running all week so that is taking up a big chunk of time (transportation, helping with make up, watching the show, etc.). I am at the point of really wishing that the paper would write itself. Wouldn't that be nice?

My other procrastination tool is a relatively new website called "Pinterest'. I have connected with lots of other nursing students and it is fun to exchange "pins" related to nursing school. My new definition of studying is "playing around on Pinterest with an open text book nearby." Maybe the information will just seep into my brain via osmosis? Again, wouldn't that be nice?

Ok, I feel better now, I have updated the blog. I can know go back to paper writing with a renewed spirit! ;)

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