Saturday, April 21, 2012

Clinicals are over!

I'm not really sure how this semester flew by the way it did -- this was my last week of clinicals and it is bittersweet. It's not secret that I did not enjoy my Psych clinical all that much so I am not ashamed to admit that it is a HUGE relief that that is behind me. This week I actually spent the day shadowing a psychologist who does consults for a Community Hospital. It really opened my eyes to how much mental health nursing and med/surg nursing intersect. In one unit there were three psych patients - one that had a liver transplant and was not taking their anti-rejection meds which is what got them admitted, but they were also med-seeking (looking for pain meds) and was bargaining with the staff telling them they would only take their anti-rejection meds if they gave them pain meds! Crazy stuff!!!! Another poor patient had Korsakoff's Syndrome which is a type of dementia caused by substance abuse (mainly alcohol) but this patient was so advanced that they were psychotic. It was very sad. The last had antisocial personality disorder which can be a violent disorder so it was a challenge for staff to treat him. All in all it was a very interesting day and it represented the very last of my psych clinical rotations! Next week we have final evaluations and a simulation on campus and then the fun of ATIs and final exams begins!
The end of maternity clinical made me really sad. I loved working at that hospital and taking care of the Mommies and the babies! Part of me wanted to throw a temper tantrum as we left the building -- but the rational part of me knew that if I ever wanted to get a job there in the future that would probably not be the smartest move! ;-P We have an ATI review next week during clinical hours and then the terror of ATI begins. I do not stress nearly as much about finals because they don't hold as much weight. With ATI, you need to pass in the 50th percentile or higher (usually works out to be a 75% or so) and if you don't you get one more chance to take the test a few weeks later. If you fail again you fail the ENTIRE course - even if you got an A in the class. It is easier to see now why it is so stressful??? When I think about it my heart rate goes up!
I have my third maternity exam this week -- it is on preterm labor, pospartum care and complications, and newborn assessment and complications. I hope my clinical experience in postpartum will help me as much as my clinical experience in L&D helped me on my last exam. Another 96 would be sweet! I need an A to balance out the B i am going to get in mental health nursing.
Well that is the latest and greatest. I really should be studying for Maternity right now but I came down to the printer to grab some study guide stuff and got distracted. Who me? Distracted?

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