Monday, February 6, 2012

Twas the night before Psych Clinical. . .

So tomorrow is my first real deal Psych clinical with patient interaction. The prayers must be working because I am just sorta freaking, rather than full on freak out freaking. Admittedly I am nervous, as I would be with any first time experience, but I am not as terrified as I was a few weeks ago. The beauty of the whole thing is that we are already THREE weeks in and that means I am three weeks closer to the end! :D

I am just hoping to be therapeutic in the here and now. I know I cannot "fix" any of these people and that their illnesses are long term and probably life long, but I can help them on February 7, 2012 during the hours I am there and I hope that something I do or say helps to simply brighten someone's day or gives them some hope for the future. I'm sure that the patients will have something to offer me and will probably teach me something while I am there as well.

Andy is away this week in La Romana which is a little tough on me, but the kids have been champs so far - super helpful and agreeable - hoping that lasts all week. *fingers crossed*

Well it's early to bed, have to be at the hospital for 6:30am tomorrow. Full report coming your way tomorrow.

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