Friday, September 30, 2011

92+100=Happy Mommy

It was a VERY hectic but overall good week. It seemed like I had a million appointments, two exams, one kiddo's birthday and too much to do! In the end it was OK, I got a 92 on my Health Assessment exam (224) and a 100 on my Fundamentals Medication Exam (223). I calculated all my dosages correctly on the Medication exam and didn't kill anyone!!!! Additionally, I got a 90 on my Cultural Assessment paper and a 90 on my Vital Signs performance exam. It's hard to believe that the semester is already 1/3 over and clinicals start in 3 weeks! EEEK!

We learned how to draw up and give injections this week. So fun! I am always so tempted to take pictures in Simulation Lab to share with all of you but I am not sure my professors would like it. I feel weird asking them, but would love to show you guys some of the cool stuff we get to do! I am now proficient in Intradermal, Subcutaneous and Intramuscular injections. Any volunteers? Ha ha. Just kidding, they don't allow us to take the syringes home for obvious reasons. :) Mike Mannequin was our patient this week. He was very well behaved and hardly said a thing! ;) Next week we have a simulation where we have to give injections in a "real world" scenario. We will not be graded but will receive feedback about our performance. We have to watch for medication errors (we have been told there will be one or more but given no specifics about it) and also anticipate side effects or adverse reactions. Despite not being graded I am still very nervous about this.

I met with my advisor on Wednesday and will be taking Maternal and Newborn Nursing and Adult Psychiatric Nursing in the spring. I am soooo excited for Maternal and Newborn but really anxious about the psychiatric stuff. I just have a hard time dealing with situations in which people's minds are not allowing them to function within normal parameters. It scares me. I am hoping that with some prayer things will be fine. If I ever become a psychiatric nurse can someone please come to me with a copy of this blog entry and say something insightful? I don't see that happening, but you just never know. . .

We had a big "talking to" this week about dressing appropriately for simulation lab and clinicals. The professors told us that they have seen enough cleavage so far this semester to last them a lifetime. I have worn mostly regular t-shirts with crew necks but I have noticed a bit of "exposure" in the lab. It seems to be such a cultural norm now a days that it rarely phases me. I completely understand their point and will be sure to continue to dress appropriately from here on out. :)

Next week I have a health assessment paper due. The questionnaire is 10 pages so I expect the paper is going to be lengthy. I have chosen my subject - my devoted wonderful husband - so at least I can get started tonight to get the paper done by Tuesday night.

I guess that is all I have to report for now. I apologize for not really writing much thus far this semester - there just hasn't been time!

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