Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Exams are done! I am free for the summer!

I am officially free to enjoy the summer! Both exams are done! I have to admit it is a rather odd feeling, like a huge piece of my life is missing, but I am so happy. Once I get my grade for today's exam I can have full closure and get on with summer! Monday's exam (220) went very well, I wound up with a 97 (highest grade in the class, thank you very much!) and an A for the entire course. For now I will bask in the glow of my 4.0 which has yet to be ruined by 222 (the nightmare class that I HATED) where I will most likely earn a B. I have made peace with the B and am just happy to put the course behind me. I am very tempted to speak with the Dean about my feelings on the class; it was waste of time and money, and not just because I didn't do well. The course itself was a train wreck really and there must be a way to make it more effective and productive. For $1000 I should not only be happy with the material and its presentation but also walk away with something. I feel like I am walking away with nothing. I truly learned nothing in that class that will impact my nursing career in any way. Now I am being pessimistic so I will stop ranting, but first, one more thing, to add to the injury and insult, she has told us she will not be posting our grades until next week. A scan tron exam that has to be run through a machine which will provide an instant result and she has to wait until next week?? Monday's exam had short answer questions on it and I got my grade first thing Tuesday morning. Parents and other family members cover your ears --- That is bullshit! Now I am really done.

Let's get on with summer! I probably won't write over the summer. I may pop in to report the grade on 222's final but that will be about it. See you in September! :)

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