Monday, March 21, 2011


So the first day of spring brings us snow. Yup. Snow. I walked out of my windowless classroom this morning to find blizzard conditions outside. It is not accumulating but it is still ruining the first day of spring!

WOW-- I haven't written in quite a while! My apologies to those of you who were waiting for a new post. I just came off of a fabulous spring break and didn't want to think much about school, and since the blog pertains mostly to school I decided to leave it be for the week! :)

Onto the second half of the spring semester. Is there really only 8 weeks left?? Talk about time flying! Since I am taking the summer off (RIC is not offering any of the classes that I need right now) I am greatly looking forward to May 14th! I will be a (semi) free woman for 3.5 months! Whoo hoo! I think I will do a bit of reading in preparation for the fall, but for the most part I intend to enjoy the summer with my kiddos and do some much needed relaxing. It sounds so nice I can't help but daydream about it. . .

Going back to class this morning wasn't so bad. I actually really enjoy my Mon./Wed. lecture. Professor Foote (your cue to use your best British accent) is quite an enjoyable professor. We had an interesting conversation today on Western medicine vs. eastern medicine. Did you know that in Cambodia (a Cambodian student in my class shared this with us) they have "pharmacy" restaurants? If you see a doctor for an ailment, the doctor writes you a prescription menu which you bring to one of these restaurants and a chef prepares your meal to the doctor's specifications. The meals are designed to relieve symptoms and alleviate pain etc. Doesn't that fascinate you?? Then there is the money hungry American pharmaceutical companies who are unconscionable and will do anything to make a buck. If you had any idea of the process that drug companies go through to create drugs, advertise for them, then sell them you; would lose sleep (as I have!). Unfortunately, that is another story for another blog! If only Americans would "catch on" to things that have been done in the east for 7000 years then maybe Americans would not be so obese, unhealthy and suffering from so many chronic ailments. Let me step down off my soap box before I get myself into trouble. . .

Next week I have two exams, one Monday and one Friday. Monday's exam is on Pharmacology which I enjoy and find rather simple to understand. Friday's exam is that nightmare class that I don't even like to speak of. . . and so I am dreading that exam quite a bit. The fact that it falls on April Fool's Day does not improve matters at all.

Well I have nothing insightful or witty to say today, just wanted all of you to know that I haven't fallen off the face of the planet. :)

Be well and God Bless! xoxo

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