Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One exam down, one to go -- this week. . .

Monday mornings are unpleasant enough, but to make yesterday's Monday even more unpleasant I had to take an exam. Actually, it wasn't all that bad, I think I did rather well but probably won't know for sure until Friday when she posts the grades. I have to take a moment to comment on the professor for this class -- Professor Foote (do I still need to remind you about your British accent? -- for those of you who have been following from the beginning I should not have to remind you anymore!). When I first found out she was my professor (we are automatically registered for our entry level nursing classes and have no choice about time, day or professor) I jumped onto www.ratemyprofessors. com to see what students had to say about her. There were mixed reviews -- mostly negative saying she expected too much and was cold and uncaring. This is where the lesson of not being judgemental comes in. . . The woman is wonderful, I adore her. She is sweet, she does care but she is not really warm and fuzzy and wants us to take responsibility for ourselves. To some college students the concept of taking responsiblity and accountability for themselves is just too much -- I would imagine those are the students that dislike her. In any case, I am really enjoying her and her class and I am hoping I got an A on this exam!

Right now I am using this blog as a procrastination tool, along with my new iPhone and Facebook :). I should be studying for my next exam in that nightmare 222 class (for those of you who keep up you know the details) but I just don't want to. I don't see that studying is really going to help me. Afterall, I am just too smart for that class (as the professor told me). Can you really ever be too smart for anything? I have been pondering that question over and over again and I just don't know if there is a concrete black and white answer. First off, being simple and being smart and too very different concepts, for example those who think in complexities may not be able to solve simple problems. Is this an issue of being too smart? Granted, I do not think that is the case with this class. I don't think that it is simple at all, so thinking in complexities should not affect my performance. The class is quite complex. Is it ever possible to be too smart, on an academic level, to not succeed? Putting the simple vs. complex aside, I just don't think you can ever be too smart. Therefore my conclusion in plain english is THIS CLASS SUCKS! (My apologies for the language! ;) ).

Ok, I suppose I have procrastinated and ranted long enough and should really get on with studying. WAAAAAH! Your prayers and good wishes are much appreciated as I head into Friday's exam.

Oh, and as an aside, I submitted a research paper in 222 before spring break and just learned that I got a 98. Whoo hoo! Wanna know why I lost 2 points???? Because I didn't used "&" in my citations and my references. Who ever would have though an "&" could be worth 2 points? I get a chuckle out of that!!!! Usually "&" are frowned upon and considered an unnecessary abbreviation - but apparently they are really worth 2 points!!! :D

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