Monday, February 21, 2011

First Exam -- DONE!

I have lived to tell the tale of my first Nursing School exam. It was 220, and covered Nutrition as a therapeutic intervention. It wasn't too bad, there were a few questions that threw me with their "distracters" but I perservered and feel that I did rather well. 93 or better is always my goal because that is an A -- part of me feels I accomplished that, while the other part is freaking that I did terribly! There were 6 questions in the end that I wasn't 100% sure about, at 2 points a piece that could leave me with an 88 which would be disappointing to me. There were also 5 bonus questions at a 1/2 point each and I think I got all but one correct. I will report back as soon as I hear the results.

Professor Foote (need I remind you to use your best British accent??) gave us each 3 Starburst candies on our desk as we entered to take the exam. I thought that was cute. She shared a story about how she once inadvertantly ate an entire pound of Starbursts while studying for an exam and scored the best she had ever scored on that exam. How sweet of her to share her Starbursts with us! :o)

Now it is back to the books to prepare for Fridays 222 exam. This exam has me TERRIFIED more so than any exam ever has. Prayers pleeeeez!

Fingers crossed that I did well on today's exam. . .


  1. oh michele you MUST be kidding me! i am sure you aced it... love the starburst thing - so cute!

  2. Does that give you the right to throw them at her next exam if you don't do well? Lol. Not that I think this will be an issue....I'm sure you've ACED it...AHHHHHHH ACE!