Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Advisement Appointment

I met with my adviser today because in my mind it is necessary for me to plan out the rest of my nursing school career before the end of the month. She laughed at me a little bit when I started talking about Spring and Summer of 2012. I admit, I deserve to be laughed at - that is way far off, but this is the way my obsessive compulsive mind operates.

I am going to get a much needed break this summer because none of the classes that I need are being offered. I think this is actually a very good thing and I am looking forward to it! This way I will be completely renewed for the Fall semester, and maybe I can even reduce my stress level a little bit!

So it seems the fall semester will be part time for me again, with Fundamentals of Nursing (my first clinical! Eeek!) and Health Assessment. This is 6 credits (3 credits/class) and will be the end of my part time career. Spring of 2012 will be Adult Psychiatric Nursing and Maternal and Newborn Nursing (6 credits EACH). I am excited about this because as of now I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to go into Maternal and Newborn Nursing. It's interesting that it will be among my first 6 credit clinicals! Hopefully it will also help me to determine if it's really what I want to do!
I am really putting the cart before the horse here, but I am excited so I had to share. :o)

I also spoke to my adviser about the possible trip to the DR with some nursing students and she offered to be my faculty sponsor/liason for the planning of it! She said that it is even possible that the trip could be worth 1 credit! That is very exciting. She recommended that I attend the Student Nurses Association meeting because that would be the venue for the trip's planning and promotion. YAY!

So far it's been a good day. Yesterday was not so good, so I am glad today is better. Yesterday I was feeling VERY overwhelmed with the kids and school and trying to handle it all. A little bit of prayer goes a long way and I am feeling much better today. Now if I could just get my back to feel better (I hurt it Friday catching a flailing Aiden who was on rollerskates) so that I could get a decent night's sleep, everything will be looking up.

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  1. Don't get too ahead of yourself, you might be surprised what you find you're niche in! Take it all in! And take the summer off! You'll need the break!