Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Fond Farewell. . .

And so it begins. I have exactly 3.5 days left before I will be swallowed by the black hole of Nursing school. I supposed it can be compared to a bear's hibernation only the seasons don't match up. For those of you who would like to mark your calendars for our next gathering turn to May and look at the 14th. LOL! Although, perhaps I could pencil some of you in for the week of March 14 as that is my spring break. In all seriousness, although my presence may be scarce I am still thinking about and praying for you all, just like I always do. I may not be there in physical presence but I will always be there in spirit! :o)

I took the TEAS this morning at school. This is the Test for Essential Academic Skills, or as I prefer to call it "the we want to be sure you are not a moron test". Upon my acceptance, it was made clear that the results of this test had no bearing on my acceptance and the reason it was administered was to allow for the college to determine if students may need extra assistance in certain areas. In my opinion, most middle school students and several well trained chimpanzees could have aced this test. In addition, I feel that if a student did not do well on this test he/she should not be allowed to continue in nursing school and one day be allowed to hold another human being's life in their hands. This is beyond the point, so I will not continue to rant about it. . . So, the TEAS is behind me and Monday I start classes. EEEEK!

After the testing, the Student Nurses Association president came to speak to us and told us all about how our lives outside of nursing school classes and clinicals was about to end. This was not news to me but still the information seemed to smack me in the face! "One hour of lecture should equal 3 hours of studying,"she calmly said. Hmmm, this mathematical equation does not thrill me! So I have 6 hours total of class time per week which then equals 18 hours of studying. Being the dork that I am that 18 hour estimation is probably a little on the low end. . . maybe 22 hours sounds better. . . . ? So 28 hours of my week shall be spent learning and studying, plus let's not forget the commute to and from school -- 3 days of school, 1/2 - 3/4 of an hour each way equals 3-4.5 hours spent in the car. If I add 9 hours/night of sleeping (you don't want to be near me if I get much less than that) that works out to be about 63 hours per week. How many hours are there in a week anyway?? 7 X 24 = 168 hours. I have already eaten up 95.5 of that with studying and sleeping. So in the other 72.5 hours I must find the time to shop for groceries, cook dinner, clean the house, wash the laundry, fold the laundry, put the laundry away, taxi the children, spend some quality time with my husband, spend some quality time with my children, play with the band, keep my sanity, and maybe if I am lucky get to the gym. Sounds easy, no problem. Yea, right, I'm tired already just from thinking about it. So I humbly ask for your continued prayers and support, and if you see me in the grocery store with disheveled hair, no make up and dirty sweatpants, please just look the other way and pretend that you didn't see me. OK?
In the end, I am nothing but excited for this journey (well, maybe just at teeny bit terrified). I thank God for this amazing opportunity and I thank all of your for your prayers and support. Without my friends, my family and God I would be lost. God bless you all!!!

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