Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2nd Psych Clinical Rotation

The energy was so different in the unit yesterday. There were six patients preparing for discharge over the next two days and I think the milieu was really shaken up by that. The patients were calm but distant and there was a much different feel to it all. I felt a lot more like an intruder yesterday, like I wasn't fitting in as well as I did last week. On the other hand, some of the patients who had been there since last week were doing so much better!!!! It's nice to see that their treatment is working! :)
There was a paranoid patient who refused to eat insisting that the food was poisoned and that they were the only one smart enough to know the "inside information" about it. Another patient was showing all of the signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder secondary to a significant trauma but the more I spoke to them the more it seemed like they were also slightly delusional. I am still questioning how much of their story, if any, is really the truth. That's disturbing to me - not being able to discern fact from fiction. The Director of Homeland Security is still there but is doing much better and has taken a "sabbatical" from the directorship. I should not make light of what goes on there, but it is my coping skill - if I didn't laugh about it I would get so depressed for these poor people.
It didn't feel as positive as last week, I left feeling a little bit defeated. I don't think I was very therapeutic this week. Hopefully next week will be better. I think next week will be my last rotation on this unit then my adventure will resume somewhere else in the hospital - there are six units altogether and we will spent time on three of them.
I have my first Psych exam on Monday and am feeling a bit uneasy about it. He hasn't given us any guidance at all -- I guess I will just need to know it all. Looks like the weekend will be spent studying.
Next week is the kiddo's winter break. All of their care is in place, it will just be complicated trying to juggle them, schoolwork and everything else.
I'm so excited for Maternity tomorrow night! I will be sure to report anything exciting!

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